Why London Dating is Different than Anywhere Else

London isn’t always the best place to be single in, but people feel comfortable knowing millions of others are single too. “All the lonely hearts in London caught a plane and flew away” (Robbie Williams, “Love Supreme”) is as current as ever.

He was wrong about one thing – there is love in town. It’s just that dating women in London is different than dating women elsewhere.

Up Your Drinking Game

The first thing you’ll notice is that dating often revolves around drinking. That goes with the territory – hello, you’re in the world’s gin capital. What’s more, some of the best bars in the world are here.

You’re a Couple Sooner Than You Think

Sometimes, one single date will mean you two are “an item,” all planning aside. Do you barely know the person? It doesn’t matter.

The Exotic Accent Trap

This is one of the big bummers of London dating. No job, visa, or student program is eternal. London is the most transient of cities. A sexy foreign accent can be an aphrodisiac, but it can also mean a lack of relationship potential – unless you’re willing to go with them to India, Pakistan, New York, or wherever it is they’re headed next.

The City is Huge. Implications?

Londoners find living in different parts of town to be a serious obstacle. It can take hours to get from one quarter to another. What’s more, missing the last tube (subway) can ruin anyone’s experience. Time flies by and before you know it, the last train is about to leave. You have three options, none of which all that appealing: a super-expensive taxi, ditching your date and running toward the station frantically, or asking them to stay over at their place.

What If?

There are almost 9 million people in the English capital. This means there are millions of people like the person you’re dating. Maybe better. People are accustomed to a “trade-off” mentality that is hard to shake. With it, it’s even harder to enjoy what you have.

Brits are Notoriously Polite

Surely there’s nothing wrong with that? Well, not exactly. It’s really hard to figure out if they really like you or they are just being… you get it. It might be clear by the fourth date, or the fifth.

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